Allergies and CBD

allergies and cbd

AOne of the most annoying things about allergies is that you never know where or when they might strike. Everything seems fine and then, before you know it, you start sneezing, your eyes get red and itchy and a perfect summer day is ruined. Alternatively, allergies to animals can severely restrict where you go and who you see. And no one wants their allergies to rule their life. 

Happily, CBD is very good at reducing and suppressing allergic responses and is a great alternative to powerful antihistamines. Let’s take a look.

What Happens During an Allergic Reaction?

Allergies, when they rear their ugly head, are actually an unpleasant side-effect of your body trying to protect you. 

When your body detects a foreign substance – whether it’s a virus, pollen or animal dander – it goes into action as quickly as it can. It makes your nose run and your eyes water, trying its best to expel what it sees as a threat. In people with allergies, this response is very sensitive and the body, even though it means well, will quickly reduce you a snuffling, miserable mess. Your skin may even become red and itchy, as your brain keeps releasing natural histamines and cytokines to combat the perceived threat. 

CBD and White Blood Cells

When you are experiencing an allergic reaction and introduce CBD into your body, something quite remarkable happens. 

CBD actively helps regulate the behaviour and manufacture of white blood cells in the body. This is important because white blood cells are released in greater numbers when they body perceives itself to be ill or under threat. CBD works to lower this count, because the body will see these white blood cells and, in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, think it needs to accelerate its response to the perceived illness because there are white blood cells everywhere. 

Ultimately, this means that the body’s response to the allergy slows and calms down, meaning your stuffy nose and itchy eyes soon subside. 


Because CBD is so good at reducing inflammation on its own merits, it also has the added benefit of providing additional relief to swollen eyes and itchy skin. Those histamines and cytokines we talked above are what cause this type of irritation, and it’s these that CBD directly targets. 

An infusion of CBD into your body tells cells to stop producing and releasing cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory. Latching onto the CB2 receptors present in cells, CBD actively works to reduce redness, itching and irritation that histamines and cytokines produce. 


One of the worst parts of an allergy attack is the reduction in size of airways. As the body seeks to protect itself, it’s common to find your nose completely blocked and even find breathing through the mouth more laboured than normal. This is all part of the inflammation that happens when your anti-allergy immune response goes into overdrive. 

CBD works to relieve this, reducing inflammation and opening nasal and sinus passageways. By connecting with CB2 receptors, CBD tells your body that things are okay and there’s no need for so much illness-fighting activity. Which means you can enjoy an allergy free summer and make the most of everything the season has to offer. 

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